Yoga for an Ageless Body

The western world is obsessed with youth, refusing to grow old gracefully, or even grow old. While this obsession has ignited a craze in companies marketing products that supposedly promise access to the fountain of youth, it has also ignited a passionate interest in yoga. Not such a bad thing… yoga can benefit bodies of varied shapes, sizes, conditions and ages. There is an abundance of benefits awaiting you in yoga class. Increased agility, balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, increased lung capacity, stress reduction and of course, the mind-body-soul connection. Of course, there is one other necessary ingredient – discipline. You have to come to class on a regular basis to reap these awesome benefits.

My Yoga for an Ageless Body classes were created with the mindset that no matter what your physical age, you can have a mind and body that defy the typical aging paradyme. By using yoga therapy principles and incorporating the aspects of yoga that focus on stress reduction, posture, balance and movement, the students have the ability to reduce or even reverse various so called “aging” issues well up into their fourth generation years.

Take a moment to assess where you on on the age spectrum. Forget your physical age and just note where you stand on energy level, joint health, flexibility, focus and other biomarkers of aging. Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you fatigued in the afternoons? Do you find your mind wandering or unable to focus on a task? Do you experience stiff joints and other aches and pains? If you are experiencing one or more of these complaints, rush to the matt and add a regular yoga routine to your day. Then find a convenient yoga class near you and go once or preferable twice a week. The uplifting group energy found in class is hard to experience at home alone.

Yoga is a lifestyle (I will cover this more in a future blog) and what begins as a desire to just get more flexibility may turn into a transformation. If the yoga bug bites, these is no end to the benefits and wisdom that can be gained from the many aspects of the practice.


  1. Thank you for writing this excellent, inspiring article!

  2. This is a very inspirational article. It reminds me to focus on my health as a whole and to not get caught up in preconceptions about age. Thanks!!!!

  3. I love the flexibility, balance, strength and focus gleaned from a regular yoga practice. Thanks for the reminder of its many benefits. I say yes to an ageless body! 🙂

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