Healing through Yoga

As a yoga therapist, I make a great effort to know what particular poses will help or hurt a myriad of physical ailments and how to put together a class or sequence to help clients heal. Over the next few posts, I will explain how yoga can help certain physical conditions

Yoga as a healing modality has gained popularity in the alternative and natural healing fields. Even the medical community is waking up and taking note of the various studies done providing evidence of the benefits of yoga on certain physical and emotional conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, heart disease, anxiety, cancer,  high blood pressure… the list goes on.

Not all Yoga Classes are Alike

Yoga classes can be found on almost every corner in the big cities and even creeping into the smaller, more conservative communities. While most yoga classes can be used as a healing tool, many conditions require the supervision of a trained yoga therapist to provide adequate, safe sequences that will help the body to move towards wellness.

For instance, someone with carpal tunnel syndrome could experience a worsening of their condition if they attend a class doing weight-bearing arm poses such as handstand or plank. However, in a therapeutics class led by a yoga therapist, these poses would be avoided or modified to fit the physical needs of the students.

Choose Your Yoga Therapist Wisely

If you are experiencing a physical or emotional condition that you would like to use yoga to help with the healing process, take the time to do your research. Not all yoga therapists or therapy classes are based on the same training. Word of mouth and reviews is a great way to find a good yoga therapist, or try out one of their classes to see how your body feels afterwards. Ask questions to see how knowledgeable he/she is regarding your particular condition. And finally, use your intuition!


  1. Great guidance here about finding the right yoga teacher for one’s particular situation.

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