Yoga for Anxiety


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Approximately 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. Wow! That is an incredible amount of people enduring less than “wonderful” lives. Furthermore, many of those affected choose to ignore their issues rather than get help. Their symptoms can range from constant worries that interfere with daily activities to all out panic attacks. Western medicine usually prescribes medication, therapy or both, which have either side effects or take years to work through.  However, the trend seems to be changing and yoga has become one of the top ten alternative medicine recommendations for anxiety sufferers.

In my experience as a yoga therapist, I have seen fantastic results from implementing a specially formulated yoga practice resulting in decreasing the severity and frequency of panic attacks and GAD in a short period of time. Combining education about the anxiety disorder with yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, nutrition and guided yoga nidra relaxation show such promise as an alternative way to help those with anxiety issues.

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A regular yoga practice helps to retrain the brain  and establishes new habits that encourage the body to respond to everyday activities and stresses with a more neutral, calm demeanor rather than allowing the fight or flight response to take over and bring on anxiety. I help my students by developing individualized yoga routines full of asanas and breathwork and then guide them in learning these routines. In addition, when working with individuals and groups, I give them an arsenal of tools to use to prevent and stop a full blown attack.

If you are experiencing anxiety of any kind, I encourage you to add a yoga practice to your daily routine. I can work with you on an individual level or join a group workshop and see how yoga can change your life.

  • 4 private sessions for only $120. This is well worth the money. You will learn much knowledge about the cause and symptoms of anxiety and how to overcome it with individualized yoga routines and many other tools.
  • Anxiety Workshop including two 2hr sessions over two weekends for $90. This anxiety workshop includes the same material listed above but no individualized routines.