Is donation based yoga the “new wave of yoga”?

Have you heard of donation based yoga studios?  I became aware this past year of this relatively new concept and my first reaction was “No way! That studio will never make it.” I hope I am wrong because I now am teaching two classes in the new Austin Donation Yoga studio on 6th street.

So I did a little research and found out that the donation based concept is thriving in LA and NYC and even here in Austin.  However, many donation studios in smaller, less upscale areas are struggling or even closing because they cannot meet expenses.

The concept comes from a desire to bring yoga to everyone, no matter what their financial or physical limitations. Goodwill is created with the community and many students that could not otherwise come to yoga class can now get the benefits of a yoga practice. How fitting this is with the new age way of being. And this concept fits in nicely with Triumph Yoga’s basis of yoga for all abilities.

I am rooting for this new studio that is open to all and hoping that the idea of giving what you can to support others is here to stay.


  1. Thanks for explaining donation-based yoga. I agree that it’s a good idea and join you in hoping that it’s here to stay.

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