Kids Yoga

Radiant Child Yoga

What every child needs is a set of tools to use throughout life to stay balanced, emotionally and physically healthy, and connected to their higher self.  Life will bring ups and downs and a yoga practice can help smooth out the bumps.

Research shows that a children’s yoga practice encourages the use of multiple intelligences while providing benefits that improve life skills, self-awareness, emotional balance and character development. The inward focus of yoga allows for reflection to get in touch with feelings and emotions.

While children’s yoga has a different look than the adult version, it instills an appreciation for the benefits that yoga offers at a young age while providing a  FUN, adventurous, creative experience.

At Triumph Yoga, kids learn how to use their breath to focus and alter their emotional state of mind.  They sing songs and chant mantras that organize their brain patterns to enable them to do better in school.  And they do postures that keep their bodies strong, flexible and healthy.  All this in one class!


“There are two lasting things we can hope to give our children,

one of these is roots, the other is wings.”

-Hodding Carter